Leelanau State Park
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Leelanau State Park is located on the tip of the magnificent Leelanau Peninsula, just north of Northport Michigan.
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Leelanau State Park is comprised of 1,300 acres of beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline and woods. Leelanau State Park offers the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum, 55 rustic campsites, two mini cabins, 8.5 miles of hiking/skiing trails and a picnic area all managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Enjoy hiking, swimming, sunsets, fishing, nature observation, in the park and many popular attractions within a short drive.

Leelanau State Park is home to many endangered Piping Plovers, so pets are not allowed along the park shoreline year round.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources provides:
"Leelanau State Park , located at the tip of the little finger on the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula , where over 1,300 acres are waiting for visitors to enjoy. The park has the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum, a rustic campground, two mini cabins, 8.5 miles of hiking/skiing trails and a picnic area. Petoskey stones can be found along the shoreline.
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Information on staying at Leelanau State Park


The Leelanau Peninsula is known for its many world-class wineries.